Editorial, December 2014


DE14_OMFeb14This issue completes our first year of producing and publishing the Otaki Mail.

It has often been a joy to report the activities of Otaki people for Otaki people. It is sometimes a trial; learning new computer programs to put it all together, and to run the finances. We have often lost our tempers, but have managed to put out a newspaper we are proud of.

We have had amazing help and support from regular contributors:  We greatly appreciate the dedication of Margaret Andrews, who covers a myriad of local meetings and even manages to stay awake in Community Board meetings. Vivienne Bailey writes of Te Horo events and is an inspiration on the gardening pages.  Penny Gaylor reminds us that representing Otaki at KCDC is an important task. 

Over the year we’ve been joined by other commentators on the Otaki scene. Thanks to you all – you’ve enriched all our lives. We owe you a vote of thanks.

We also owe our thanks to our advertisers, for without them there would be no Otaki Mail. They have all been endlessly patient with us, and deserve your continuing support.

We have made mistakes along the way and hope by now we are dab hands at this publishing lark and promise to do better next year.

We will be back at the end of January. In the meantime enjoy your Christmas, have fun, be safe and look after one another. We have our river, our beaches, our cafes and our local shops for us all to have fun, sun and Summer’s good cheer.

Thanks for the ride Otaki! We have enjoyed it and hope you have too.

Happy Christmas.

Ann & Lloyd Chapman