Don’t wait too long


Au_14_Reevedon-Village---Bob-in-lounge-01From one retiree to another – “Don’t wait too long to move into a retirement village.” That’s the advice from 89 year old Bob McFadyen who is enjoying life at Reevedon Retirement Village in Levin.

Bob moved into his villa in March this year after his wife, Hazel, passed away. Hazel had lived at Reevedon Village’s adjoining rest home for three years, while Bob stayed at the family home.

“It would have been much easier for me to move into a villa then, but Hazel wanted me to stay put.

“When I finally moved to Reevedon Village, about five months ago, I instantly felt right at home,” says Bob who has found the move to be an exciting change of address.

“I’m still fairly active and I’m always out and about in town, as Reevedon is so close to central Levin. I’m also involved in the social calendar at Reevedon, only now I’m not visiting my wife; I’m part of the Reevedon family myself.

“I really am sorry I didn’t move earlier – to anyone who is considering making the move, do it now whilst you can still enjoy it!”

Like many retirees, Bob explains that the move to Reevedon Retirement Village has also put his family’s minds at ease.

“My family is happy that I’m here; they don’t have to worry about me. They know that I am well looked after and if my health deteriorates then I can move into Reevedon Home next door if I need to.

“I really couldn’t be happier where I am. My villa is comfortable to live in and very easy to manage. I don’t have to worry about maintenance or cutting the lawns, I can just spend time pottering in my little garden area when I feel like it,” explains Bob.

And, if anyone needs further convincing that Reevedon Retirement Village is a great retirement lifestyle, Bob explains that after looking at the options he found nothing could beat Reevedon’s location and warm, welcoming family feel. “It’s really a fantastic community. I can see myself living here for quite some time.”

For others interested in taking a look around Reevedon Retirement Village, Bob is encouraging them to attend the Open Day on Friday 12th September at 10am. Alternatively, you can arrange a viewing by calling Enliven village agent Allan Davidson on 06 366 0444