Donating Blood is a Good thing to do


A_C_MY14_NZblood2Take some time out of your busy day to donate blood. Only about 4% of New Zealanders regularly donate blood but 300 donations are required every day to keep up with the demand.

A single donation can help up to three people but unfortunately once donated it will last only 35 days with the platelet part only 5 days. The plasma portion can be turned into 13 different medicines to help save lives. The need to replenish supply daily is great.

The greatest users (along with road traffic accidents) are those suffering from cancer, particularly leukaemia. Although leukaemia can strike at any age young kids and teenagers need a lot of blood, often weekly, over many months as they combat this dreadful disease. Our grandson was a recipient of donated blood and we are ever grateful for those fine people who donate regularly to help kids like him. Thumbs up to those donors.