The Civic Chat


Why go to live theatre? Someone said “it’s like why have live actual sex when you can watch it on film. Or why go to a concert when you can buy a CD?

People go to the theatre to suspend their belief… and give in to the world of LIVE entertainment. There is an energy that is given off from people performing on stage. And there is an appreciation from the audience for seeing talent right before their eyes. And for making you feel in that time, that you are a fly on the wall, privy to the circumstances in the play. There are no camera tricks, just performers.

I recently asked a guy why he had not been to live theatre. He grimaced and said something about “amateurs” as if he describing a bad smell. A long time ago he had a bad experience.

I left him to his memories. If he had attended any of our recent shows I’m sure he would have a better opinion. In fact, if he had attended our recent production of “an Unseasonable Fall of Snow” he would be very positive. This was a challenging piece to perform, but Willis Beckett and Finn McCauley under the direction of Jan Dystra nailed it. They pulled off a performance that several said was easily of high professional standard. Our congratulations to them for what was a stunning show.

Following hard on the heels of “Snow” is another two hander from the gifted pen of Gary Henderson. Skin Tight opens on the 5th of June. A story of love full of carefully entwined beauty with unanticipated moments of remarkable clarity, this is a 60 minute roller-coaster.

If you have been to our shows you know to expect a good night. If you have not been along, why not give it a go. We would love to see you at the Civic.