Chopping Wood for Fun

F_AP15_Axemens-Carnival-6.jpgThe annual woodchop carnival hosted by Otaki Axeman’s Club had a very successful event at the Otaki School recently, with several teams competing in a full card of chopping and sawing races.

Members were graded on ability and previous grading. Graham Rasmussen, one of the older members of the club, competed in a number of events and was placed. His events included the jigger chop where competitors have to cut “pieces” out of the standing tree trunk, insert a jigger – a wooden plank, continuing up the pole making their way to the top, where they have a log to cut in half, while standing on the jigger, in a race against the clock where the fastest chopper wins.

For the flying disc races, competitors started their chainsaw, placed it on the ground beside their upright log, on the “go” signal they picked up the saw and ran round and round the pole cutting off discs to the bottom of the log, the one who cut the most discs won.

Jigger chopping
Jigger chopping

There were the underhand and standing chops, too. As women are slowly getting into the sport, women’s teams from Otaki, Wanganui and a composite team of Upper Hutt and Marton women in the longsaw competition, which was won by Wanganui off a 35 second handicap!

This is the third year they have held the competition at Otaki School. Most years the school has had its gala day then, but this year they had a garage sale. The competition is a family day out and with several of the young boys having their own events.

By Margaret Andrews