Issue May 2014

Contents of the May 2014 issue

MenzShed Update » May 2014

The outside of the shed is painted, filled, windows puttied up and barge boards replaced where the rot was too much to fill ... the old girl is ready for quite a lot more years for us sheddies to enjoy. The inside is nearly finished with a race on to get it ready for the official opening and blessing on June 17.

ANZAC Day at Te Horo School

By Margaret Andrews Te Horo School pupils and staff, the Te Horo Hall committee and local residents joined together for the annual Anzac Day commemoration,...

Editorial: Politics is for People

Otaki Mail and the Forthcoming Election In September we have a national election. The Otaki Mail has been approached by a number of political parties...

Rotary Otaki, May News

Otaki Rotary are delighted to announce another Celebrity Charity Debate will be held at Otaki Memorial Hall on Friday 4th July 2014 at 7pm,...

Otaki Community Board May 2014

By Margaret Andrews Public Speaking Ann Lawler spoke to the proposed $380,000 splash pad to be installed at Haruatai Park, saying the funds could go to...

Farmers need to know it’s okay to ask for help

Dairy farmers need to know they can ask for help to deal with stress and depression, says Lisa, a Waikato share milker. Lisa’s husband Hamish did an interview with mental health advocate Sir John Kirwan that featured in a recent campaign by the Government’s Health Promotion Agency.

Influenza Vaccinations available

Influenza vaccinations are now available at the Otaki Medical Centre Please phone for your appointment on 06 364 8555

Skin Tight, 5 June, Civic Theatre, Otaki

Skin Tight opens on the 5th of June. A story of love full of carefully entwined beauty with unanticipated moments of remarkable clarity, this...

District Health Boards Audited

The Audit Office has just released a report on the performance of District Health Boards. The Overview says that ‘The performance of the public health system, particularly the performance of district health boards (DHBs), is important to all New Zealanders. Our collective good health is part of the social and economic well-being of New Zealand.’

The Civic Chat

Why go to live theatre? Someone said “it's like why have live actual sex when you can watch it on film. Or why go to a concert when you can buy a CD? People go to the theatre to suspend their belief... and give in to the world of LIVE entertainment. There is an energy that is given off from people performing on stage.

Are you protected? — Influenza rife

Now is the time to think about having your influenza vaccination if you haven’t already received it. New Zealand’s surveillance information found the MidCentral...

Meeting of Cancer Support Group Monday 16 June

Following on from the first successful meeting, the Otaki Cancer Support Group will meet on Monday 16 June at 2.30pm, in the Gertrude Atmore...

Garden tasks for June 2014

Flower garden: Plant lily bulbs or divide existing ones. Dig up bulbs and divide bulb scales - plant in seed-raising mix. ... Orchard ... Vegetables ... Lawns

A Tale of Many Toes

Recently two abandoned cats were brought into the clinic and interestingly one of them was polydactyl. Polydactyl literally means ‘many toes’, and these cats...

Penny’s Piece » May 2014

Last week at Council we held our Annual Plan hearings, with 750 written submissions to read, a large share of those were on the issue of whether or not to continue the fluoridation of the water supply to Waikanae and Paraparaumu urban residents.