Cancer Society and JUNK FREE JUNE


F-R-JN15-junkfreeJuneThe Cancer Society of New Zealand is excited to unveil an official new fundraising event and the first of its kind anywhere in the world! JUNK FREE JUNE will see Kiwis raise money for The Cancer Society of New Zealand, by eating “junk free” for the month of June.

New Zealanders nationwide are encouraged to make a positive nutritional choice, by sacrificing a junk food or junk foods for the entire month of June, and having their friends and family donate money in support.

Junk Free June participants are encouraged to share their progress with the world by using the #junkfreejune hashtag across all social media platforms! Proud of that egg white omelet you made? Show us with #junkfreejune! What about that green smoothie you’ve been drinking instead of that fizzy drink? Show us with #junkfreejune!

The definition of ‘junk’ is self-defined and different for everyone; Junk Free June is about sacrificing something that you eat often and know isn’t good for you. By cutting one’s own version of ‘junk’ out for the month, individuals raise money for The Cancer Society of New Zealand. The Cancer Society provides free and confidential support and information to people dealing with a cancer diagnosis, promotes ways we can reduce our risk of cancer and invests in cancer research.

“Our goal was to create a charity event that was not only beneficial to the participant’s health, but also really fun to be part of,” says Junk Free June Creative Director Matt Clayton.

“The ideal scenario for us is that people have an awesome time trying new recipes and sharing their successes during June, then realizing after the month that they feel better having eliminated their chosen type of junk.”

By participating in Junk Free June, you have access to a whole range of epic prizes, which are ‘unlocked’ by raising certainamounts of money along the way. When you raise $20, you’ll unlock a prize. When you raise $50, you’ll unlock another. And so on and so forth.

“We felt that prizes from brands that people know and love was the best way to encourage people to raise money and as all the profit from Junk Free June goes to the Cancer Society of New Zealand, people can feel great about supporting them too” — Junk Free June Creative Director Matt Clayton.

So spread the word about Junk Free June and to encourage widespread registration through