Bring old photos to expo


 The Otaki Historical Society is hoping people will bring their old photos to the Community Expo next month.

The historical society wants to build its photo collection so as much as possible of Otaki’s history can be preserved before it’s lost. Photos can be brought in to the group’s stall, where they will scanned and handed back. Information about the photos will be noted and everything will be stored digitally.

Otaki Historical Journal editor Ian Carson says it will be useful to add to the already extensive collection stored by the society and the Otaki Museum.

“The more photos we have, the more information we gather,” he says. “Every photo tells a story. While most will simply be stored for historical research, some might find their way into the journal, in an exhibition or on the society’s website. Of course, we’ll always acknowledge the source.”

The expo is at the Memorial Hall from 9am-1pm on Saturday 18 October. About 30 stalls and more than 500 people attended last year’s expo, which is aimed at showcasing the wide range of community groups that exist in Otaki. It is organised by the Otaki Promotions Group.