Ashford Park — gravel pit

R_Otaki-quarryWinstone Aggregates recently purchased the former Ashford Park Stud property, which adjoins the Chrystalls stopbank and the Ōtaki Lakes quarry. During the annual Ōtaki River Walkover projects policy advisor Dan McGregor, outlined the company’s plans for the property.

“The land will be used for gravel extraction, and we will create a lake similar to the first lake next to Stresscrete,” he said. “This lake will be bigger and will be a 20 year project. Centred in the lake area are two stands of native trees, these will be retained as eco-islands. The development will have no effect on the stopbank.”

Gravel would be taken out by excavator, loaded onto trucks and taken to the processing plant by an internal road over the stopbank and north of Stresscrete’s production yard and under the road and rail bridges. Trucks will not be travelling via Te Roto Road and the current Main Highway.

Noise and amenity bunds will be constructed along the racecourse boundary and the boundary with the olive grove. At the end of the project, the lake facilities will be available for public use.