All about texture

F-JN15-Garden-Talisman.jpgPeople often are turned off using native plants in their garden because there are few with big bright flowers. Whilst this is true to a large extent, interesting gardens can be created using subtle changes in colour and the contrast of differing textures.

Start with larger plants towards the back that will overtime create the backdrop to your garden. Species such as Griselinia littoralis, Olearia paniculata and the various species of Pittosporum are great for this. Then build forward with plants lower in stature and textures that will contrast with the backdrop you have created. Small leaved plants such as Coprosma virescens, Olearia lineata, Olearia dartonii or Manuka are perfect for this role.

The front part of your garden can then consist of a variety of low growing shrubs with a range of colours and textures. Small Brachyglottis, Hebe, Corokia and Coprosma species all work well and can be interspersed with rocks, grasses, flaxes and groundcovers to create the perfect look.

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