A Couple of Decades On: Murray Georgel


MY15_health-MurrayGeorge.jpgLong standing MidCentral Health CEO Murray Georgel retires this month after sixteen years

After a few years as deputy and general manager of Finance he reflects on the ups and downs of a job looking after the needs of patients, families and staff in a time of continuing change in the health sector. The closure of Kimberley was a particularly difficult time with the wide ranging impacts on everyone connected with the centre. Murray is pleased that he created an environment where staff could work to their expertise, and could be creative in planning new and innovative methods to improve patient care. He saw his job as keeping the ship on the right path and the number of new innovations and awards that have come to MCH is an indication that his style of leadership was a good model for the ship. He admits there have been mistakes along the way which the team under him has learnt from, but he is particularly pleased with better integration between primary care and the hospital. This has bought strong relationships between people, services and the community.

He says “MidCentral Health is also becoming a star performer from all angles; the nature of the services provided, how they are provided, and those providing them. Our quality indicators are continuously improving, even though we are attending to more patients every year, and we are breaking even when we are doing that.”

He leaves with no real plan for the future apart from a spot of fishing and a bit of a rest after 16 years leading 2,500 staff who provide us with our health services.

Ann Chapman