Weird World of Growing Old

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FE16_WierdWorld2Christine Fraser works at night tending the elderly, as a caregiver in Sevenoaks. In her quiet times when all is peaceful in the rest home she jots down her thoughts. It is a delightful lighter look at the process of aging. Fifty pages of poems, ditties, and thoughtful observations are contained in this delightful self published book. Added bonuses are the wonderful sketches by Paekakariki film animator Phil Simmonds.

Christine has lived on the Kapiti Coast since the 1990’s with the last six years spent in sunny Ōtaki. She is 65 years old with a wide range of work/life experience, mainly in a support role of caring for others.

Her fascination for writing goes back a long time, aided with encouragement from a wonderful English teacher at Mana College, Edna Tait. A life-long passion of putting pen to paper was eventually achieved and she now brings thoughts and dreams to life with her pen.

Her first book “Weird World of Growing Old” containing poems and short stories was inspired by her work in aged care and her own journey into growing older. She looks at the funny side of aging where things tend to droop and sag; where body functions seem to have a mind of their own and creams to prevent the seven signs of aging are nowhere to be found on her dressing table. Growing old and round and grey herself, she is enjoying this new phase of living with the freedom and time to indulge in her passion of expressing life in words.

The final two pages contain a moving essay of a mother lost to dementia. ‘Who the hell are you?’ she demands of her daughter when she wakes up. Another spell broken, another day caring for a stranger begins.

You can purchase the book for $20 from Christine at