Want Healthy Kids?


Then give them less screen time says Nigel Latta.

Overweight, Overtired Kiwi Kids Need Less Screen Time

Nigel Latta
“Give them less screen time” Nigel Latta

The scientific consensus is pretty clear that overweight, overtired kids should have no more than two hours per day of screen time. With over half of all New Zealand children indulging in more than two hours of screen time per day according to Ministry of Health figures, Latta says parents are struggling with the issue of how much screen time is too much, and how they should respond to their kids. Latta has some guidelines: Set limits for everyone about where devices can be used, such as:

  • No devices at the dinner table,
  • no devices at cafes,
  • no devices at Grandma’s house,
  • no looking at a screen during an actual conversation with an actual person,
  • no devices after a set time each night.

Make their offline life as interesting as you can by encouraging them to get involved in real world activities as well and have regular ‘device free’ times where the family does something together that doesn’t involve screen time.