Toy Library – an Ōtaki treasure needs your support

JL16_Toylib-13_F.jpgSet up 23 years ago, the Ōtaki Toy Library in its heyday boasted over 100 members, but today it struggles with 20 members, many of whom need a rest.

It’s a voluntary organisation providing a wide range of educational toys and puzzles designed to aid mental, physical and social development of Ōtaki children. President Delia Glogowski joined in 2010 when her son was one.

JL16_Toylib-Lores_FSecretary Stephanie Wedge’s children have enjoyed the zillions of toys that she could bring home on a two-week rental. Currently the Toy Library has over 1,000 toys on its books, ranging from puzzles, dolls, ride-ons, Duplo and some of the latest toys available.

The average toy has cost over $100, some four times that. They’re all in great condition, reflecting the care and dedication of the parents.

Like all voluntary groups, membership has diminished, as parents have more and more demands on their time. The voluntary committee needs new blood — parents need to understand what a brilliant toy rental service is available to them.

The toy library must have someone to take over the committee roles now and keep this resource going in Ōtaki. Anyone from the Ōtaki community is welcome to step up and will be fully supported in the handover by the current committee.

The library, adjacent to the Memorial Hall is open every Saturday morning, from 9.30 to 11.30.

Toy rentals range from 20 cents to $5.


$50 per annum;
$25 for Community card holders,
$15 for grandparents.
Plus there is a special birthday party deal.

Members do a maximum of six duties a year, and if you do four duties, next year’s membership is free.

If you’re a new parent, a new grandparent or new to Ōtaki, come along to the Toy Library on a Saturday and see the amazing range of toys you can borrow.

New members

The committee would welcome help to keep this fabulous valuable resource alive.
Stephanie Wedge 021 996 392 or Delia Glogowski 0273 275 007 would love to hear from you