Te Horo Talk November 2015

R_TeHoroTe Horo School Garden Club

The Phillip Trust Foundation recently presented children from the Te Horo School Garden Club with a $5000 cheque. The Foundation is a big supporter of the Friends of Ōtaki River planting programme, and the payment was for “all the hard work the garden club had carried out,” including planting around 500 seedlings in readiness for Arbor Day 2016.

The cheque was then given to the Friends of Ōtaki River to cover the cost of seedlings, the cost of digging holes in the rocky soil, and for the planting.

Ag night

Ag night is a traditional annual highlight of the Te Horo School calendar, and on Wednesday 11 November, as well as the children’s container garden judging, a line-up of lambs and calves will be diligently put through their paces — the culmination of many weeks of attention and training by their young caregivers.

Christmas Wreath Floral Workshop

A floral workshop with a Christmas focus takes place on Sunday 15 November at Sudbury, 101 Te Hapua Road, Te Horo. Participants will learn how to moss and bind a lush Christmas wreath of seasonal foliage with tutor, florist and stylist, Yvette Edwards.A delicious English cream tea is included in the $75 package (includes all materials, equipment). For further information contact yvette@yvetteedwards.co.nz or 027 230 9911

Community Events

Te Horo Country Market

Monthly community market at Te Horo Hall, Sunday, 1 November, 10.00am – 12.30pm, wet or fine. Lots of local produce, herbs and plants, free range eggs, preserves, home baking and fresh bread (pizza and garlic bread, french loaves, ciabatta and sour dough), recent pre-loved paperbacks, a community secondhand stall, artwork, sewing and jewellery.

Swiss Ball Workout

Every Tuesday at Te Horo Hall, 9.15am. A great all-round workout, suitable for all levels of fitness, with an experienced teacher.

Craft Circle

Te Horo’s craft group meets monthly at Te Horo Hall, Wednesday 11 November, from 10.00am.

Drinks and Nibbles

A BYO community gathering at Te Horo Hall, Friday 6 November 5.30pm. Bring a plate of nibbles to share and a drink for yourself.