Taking a stand on Fluoridation

DE15_health-Fluoridation.jpgAt a recent meeting at MCDHB the Community and Public Health Advisory committee agreed to support water fluoridation as a safe, effective and affordable way to prevent tooth decay across the whole population.

Water fluoridation has been shown to have positive benefits on dental health and there is a strong body of evidence in support of it. Professor Gluckman, the Prime Minister’s scientific advisor, and the Royal Society approve it and have found no adverse effects of any significance with its use. The Ministry of Health also supports fluoridation of water supplies.

In the MidCentral District, studies have shown water fluoride areas have improved dental health compared to non-fluoride areas. Most tooth decay is preventable and water-fluoridation is a simple way to help prevent it. Those at risk from poor dental health and people living in more deprived areas, Maori and Pacific people, and they experience poorer dental health compared to other areas.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring and safe mineral which protects our teeth by making them stronger and by reducing tooth decay. New Zealand has low levels of this mineral in its soil and adding it to the drinking water protects young growing teeth.