Shane Saville — our local butcher

MR16_ShaneSavilleThere was a time when the high street was full of specialist shops. With the advent of Red sheds full of cheap imported goods, many local specialist shops have disappeared. But not all of them.

When you go into Ōtaki Meats, the butcher’s shop beside the chemist, you are confronted by a real butcher serving free-range locally sourced meats. Best of all, they’ll talk about their products, and ensure that you go out with something to suit your needs.

I asked Shane for some sausages for the barbeque. “What would you like?”, he asked. “We’ve got ten different gourmet sausages, all made on the premises”

  • MR16_ShaneSaville-sausagesLamb and rosemary
  • Pork apple and sage
  • Pork Toulouse
  • Pork Cumberland
  • Pork and leek
  • Beef and blue cheese
  • Smoked Lamb and roast gherkin
  • Chorizo
  • Kransky

Shane did his apprenticeship in Levin, has been in the Ōtaki shop for 14 years, after ‘two years in Aussie’ and has owned Ōtaki Meats for over a decade. Five staff help Shane produce the best meat in town. They’re open Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Everything’s locally-sourced. Their Pork comes from Fresh Pork. The ham and bacon are pretty special, too.

Why Ōtaki Meats? “Service, quality, all our steaks are aged, all the small goods made on the premises”.

It’s hard to disagree with this, isn’t it?