Preparing New Zealand for Rising Seas: Certainty and Uncertainty

DE15_Otaki-Water-hazard-map.jpgA report released last week by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment tells about how the rising level of seas will affect New Zealand.

Sea level rise is inexorable but gradual, and is predicted to rise by about 30cm in the next 50 years. The scientifically robust peer-reviewed report is available online (pdf).

In it there are a series of maps showing the predicted affects. A portion showing Ōtaki & Te Horo is presented below.

Notwithstanding the kerfuffle last year with KCDC LIM reports, there appears little immediate danger from the findings of this report. No Ōtaki or Te Horo beach properties appear threatened: the only areas of risk are those surrounding the Waitohu, Ōtaki and Mangaone, which will suffer from heavy tides, with associated short-term floodwater intrusion.