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NO15_democ-Scoop-image-1.jpg“Journalism is in crisis and this is threatening the quality of our democracy”Journalism matters. It’s the lifeblood of democracy. And that’s why one of New Zealand’s oldest and largest independent online news publishers, Scoop.co.nz is building a platform — the New Scoop — to support public interest journalism.Journalism is in crisis and this is threatening the quality of our democracy. Commercial news organisations are cutting back staff, removing experienced reporters and this profoundly damages public access to quality news. Whether it’s adverts disguised as news, trivia masquerading as real content or important news simply missing from the news feed. Something is wrong. As traditional advertising revenues dry up, publishers are being forced to dumb down or distort the news to keep their businesses alive. The news is broken and we are all suffering because of it.

NO15_democ-Scoop-image-2.jpgScoop has a solution for NZs news crisis. The Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism Scoop is hoping to significantly improve the outlook for freely accessible, timely, quality public interest news services in New Zealand. Scoop is already on the way to achieving three strategic goals: Continue to provide a free outlet for every voice to be heard in national debate, to establish a firm foundation on which we can build our new organization, protect and promote public interest journalism and nourish an ecosystem of independent news sources.

Scoop’s half a million monthly readers, millions of incoming links, and influential audience has made Scoop the ideal platform for developing a new business model for online news. Scoop is not dependent on advertising revenue, and therefore offering the promise of a solution to the news crisis. Scoop wants to continue their collaborative role within the NZ news ecosystem, this role has been central to our efforts to transform Scoop into a not-for-profit over the past three years.

Scoop believes in the power of information to transform lives. It believes in the power of the internet to resolve conflict. And it believes in the power of compelling ideas to propel themselves into political consciousness if they are able to get exposure and be debated. Scoop is, necessarily, a forum that is neither censored through its own prejudices nor controlled by a multinational media conglomerate.Scoop’s mission is: “To be an agent of positive change.”

F_NO15_democ-Scoop.jpgThe scoop foundation will need to build a village to thrive — an investment of human capital. We have opened up decision making processes to members and have invited all comers to get involved in the creation of a new kind of news organisation.

Scoop has begun recruiting and needs the generous support of individuals and organisations. They are calling on those who share their vision to either be actively involved, or simply support them with membership. Visit www.scoop.co.nz for further information.

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