Outside The Box Media and Democracy: Nicky Hager and the Media: Interview with Amanda Vickers

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NO15_democ-Nicky-Hager.jpgNicky Hager is a renowned New Zealand investigative journalist who believes a healthy democracy includes far more than just being able to visit the ballot box every three years.

It includes the ability for people to speak out and be heard, and a receptive media where this is possible. “The main driver of freedom is bothering to speak,” Nicky says “but at the moment we have weakened news media”. Nicky also believes that some political people try to avoid logical and open debate on important issues and instead try to shut down other points of view altogether. He says the current government has relied greatly on this tactic. “Facts and public opinion cab be obscured in a style of politics based on power, information control and impression management.” He said new policies for democratic renewal are the most important ones needed in New Zealand, and are the precondition for many other needed changes.

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