Ōtaki stream and dune care group celebrates with a flourish

F_NO15_WaitohuStreamCareGroup.jpgA crowd gathered in early October to celebrate several achievements of the Ōtaki Beach-based group Waitohu Stream and Dune Care Inc.“We have changed our name to include the word “Dune”, to reflect more accurately the activities of the group,” said Chairperson Sue McIntosh.

“At first we were mainly involved in riparian planting, but we now also plant and weed a large area of dunes at the mouth of the Waitohu Stream.”“We are proud to launch our new name, along with our new educational sign at the end of Moana St, designed by local artist Trevor Pye, with the words supplied by group member Lyndsay Knowles,” she said.

A further achievement is that the area the group works in has been designated a Key Native Ecosystem (KNE) and next year its funding will come as a portion of the KNE budget. This programme is an initiative of the Greater Wellington Regional Council and is designed to protect areas important for native plants and animals in the Wellington region.

This year has been the group’s best planting season to date, with 1,592 plants put in the ground, all grown in their own nursery from locally sourced seed.“Last but not least we have not only survived but thrived for sixteen years.

New members are always welcome,” said Sue (phone 364 0641).