Ōtaki Pottery club’s Festival of Pots and Garden Art a huge success

Linda Mikkelsen’s Divas

“Amazing. Sales have been overwhelming,” Ōtaki Pottery Club’s Rod Graham said on the first day of their Festival of Pots and Garden Art with 300 plus people visiting within the first three hours.

Within that time, almost everyone left having purchased one or more items, whether it was art, jewellery, pottery from the wide range of outdoor or indoor, or sculptures big and small and all kinds of ornaments. A range of different glaze techniques have been used — raku work, pit fired pieces, ceramics. There are many local artists from the wider Ōtaki region and further afield.

Many of the exhibits were set out over and around the lawn, making it easy for visitors to walk among them for a closer look

The displays are indoors and out, with tables and chairs to sit at for refreshments, tea, coffee and homemade goodies from the café. There’s even one table reserved for the “Blokes Crèche” when the guys leave the final looking and buying to the women!

Among the local exhibitors are Kevin Haste, Paula Archibald, Rod Graham, Margaret Hunt, Jennifer Turnbull and Brent Craig.

Mr Graham said there would be new exhibits would be added daily, so there would be plenty of choice at the end of the week, regardless of the high sales already experienced.

FE16_Pots-and-Garden-Art-7-2The festival is at Anam Cara 150 Rangiuru Road Ōtaki, open 10am‑4pm daily until January 31.

Pencil Town Fence post pencils, made an unusual, but colourful display, drawing a lot of interest from visitors to the arts festival
This set of Bill Inge’s stone birds on driftwood, the last one available was sold minutes before this photo was taken. They are a very popular form of garden art
The Birdman, Bill Inge guides eight year old Kieran Patterson Bruce from Johnsonville, through his rst attempt at stone carving.
Jennifer Turnbull