Otaki Library, November 2015

Kia ora from the Ōtaki Public Library – Te Wharepukapuka o Ōtaki

DE15_library__Potton.jpgNew Zealand’s Wilderness Heritage

by Les Molloy & Craig Potton

A a comprehensive record and description of New Zealand’s wilderness, in all its magnificent geological and biological diversity. It will appeal to all who are concerned at what is happening to our natural landscapes and seascapes, and what can be done to better conserve them. In very readable language, it traverses the origins of New Zealand’s heritage of wild land, its character, the major campaigns to protect it and priorities for its future conservation. The book takes a bio-regional approach, with 14 chapters detailing the protected areas, major flora and fauna values, endangered species and conservation threats and responses for each region of New Zealand. A concluding chapter throws out the major challenges that we need to address as a nation to retain our outstanding wilderness heritage. New Zealand’s Wilderness Heritage is illustrated throughout with the landscape photography of Craig Potton, supplemented by wildlife photographs from one of New Zealand’s pre-eminent photographers in this genre, Rod Morris.

DE15_library__Kupapa.jpgKupapa: The Bitter Legacy of Maori Alliances with the Crown

by Ron Crosby

The word ‘kupapa’ has been variously defined as being neutral (in a quarrel), being loyal, being an ally, or being a traitor. The word itself has come to be as hotly contested as its history. The Treaty of Waitangi struck a bargain between two parties: the Crown and Maori. Its promises of security, however, were followed from 1845 to 1872 by a series of volatile and bloody conflicts commonly known as the New Zealand Wars. Many people today believe that these wars were fought solely between the Crown and Maori, when the reality is that Maori aligned with both sides — resulting in three participants with differing viewpoints. It is rarely recognised that the numbers of Maori who aligned with the Crown or were neutral probably exceeded those who fought against it or that the frontline combat over the final two years of the wars was fought almost exclusively between opposing Maori forces. Captivating, comprehensive and thought-provoking, Kupapa addresses those realities, the complex Treaty-related reasons for them, and the cynical use of Maori by the Crown for its own purposes.

DE15_library__Tonio.jpgTonio: a Requiem Memoir

by Adri van der Heijden

On Pentecost 2010 while out cycling, Tonio, the only son of writer Adri van der Heijden, is hit by a car. He dies of his injuries that same day. Tonio is only 21. His parents are faced with the monstrous task of forging ahead with their lives in the knowledge that their only child will never again come home, never again stop by just to catch up, never again go out shopping with his mother and bitch about passers-by, never again ask his father: ‘Did you work well today?’ Adri van der Heijden is driven by two compelling questions: what happened to Tonio during the final days and hours before the accident, and how could this accident happen? This search takes in various eyewitnesses, friends, police officers, doctors, and the mysterious Jenny — who turns out to have played a crucial role in Tonio’s life during those final weeks. This is a moving and compelling account of one family’s very ordinary tragedy.

DE15_library__Mingling.jpgThe Art of Mingling

by Jean Martinet

Does the idea of going to a large party make your mouth go dry? Are you more comfortable online than face-to-face? You’re not alone: ninety percent of the world suffers from minglephobia. Jeanne Martinet has developed a cure: a sure-fire system for overcoming fear and having a great time at any type of business or social gathering. She suggests simple techniques, tricks, tips, lines and manoeuvres for mastering the occasion. The Art of Mingling teaches you: basic survival strategies, opening lines and gambits that really work, rules for keeping the conversation going in the right direction, the etiquette of escape, faux pas recovery techniques, the secret to being a good listener and much, much more. This could be an indispensable guide for the Christmas season’s social gatherings…