Otaki Library, May 2016

R_KCDC-Library-bannerKia ora from the Otaki Public Library – Te Wharepukapuka o Otaki


by Joanna King

Four sisters meet for a holiday on the Cinque Terre coast of Italy.  One of the sisters goes missing. Under this stress, the hidden emotional and sexual rivalries of the others are laid bare. For the youngest, the disappearance of her sister is a profound threat.  This is the person with whom she has had the truest bond.  Only the absent sister knows about the man she loves and to whom she cannot turn.  Is the disappearance accidental or intentional?  Have the sisters shockingly misunderstood one of their own?  How radically will the missing sister’s fate alter their lives? Husbands and lovers, future hopes and the family’s past all come under intense scrutiny in the vortex of events.

MY16_LIB-na_Ngaro_Te_ReoKa Ngaro Te Reo: Māori Language under Siege in the Nineteenth Century

by Paul Moon

In 1800, te reo Māori was the only language spoken in New Zealand.  By 1899, it was on the verge of disappearing altogether.  In Ka Ngaro Te Reo, Paul Moon traces the spiralling decline of the language during an era of prolonged colonisation that saw political, economic, cultural and linguistic power shifting steadily into the hands of the European core. Moon draws on a vast range of published and archival material, as well as oral histories and contemporary Māori accounts, to chart the tortuous journey of a language under siege in a relentless European campaign to ‘save and civilize the remnant of the Māori Race’. He also chronicles the growing commitment among many Māori towards the end of the nineteenth century to ensure that the language would survive.

MY16_LIB_Jane_SteeleJane Steele

by Lyndsay Faye

Meet Jane Steele.  Orphan.  Governess.  Serial killer.  Like the heroine of the novel she adores, Jane Steele suffers cruelly at the hands of her aunt and schoolmaster.  Like Jane Eyre, they call her wicked – but in her case she fears the accusation is true.  When she flees, she leaves behind the corpses of her tormentors. A fugitive navigating London’s underbelly, Jane rights wrongs while avoiding the noose. Until an advertisement to be a governess catches her eye.  She takes the position and soon falls in love with Mr Thornfield, the master of mysterious Highgate House.  But what happens if he discovers her murderous past? 

MY16_LIB_Naturally_bug-freeNaturally Bug-Free

by Stephanie L. Tourles

Protect yourself, your children, your pets, and your home from bugs without using harsh or toxic chemicals. Herbalist Stephanie Tourles offers 75 simple recipes for safe, effective bug repellents you can make at home from all-natural ingredients. For protection from mosquitos, ticks, and other biting insects, there are sprays, balms, body oils, and tinctures, with scents ranging from eucalyptus to floral, lemon, vanilla, and woodsy spice. There are also recipes for pets, such as herbal shampoo, bedding formulas, and flea-and-tick collars and powders. Tourles includes repellents for the home, such as sachets that repel moths, carpet powders that repel fleas and ants, and essential oil repellents to keep your pantry pest-free. A detailed ingredient dictionary explains the properties of all the herbs, essential oils, and other key ingredients.