Otaki Library, February 2016

R_KCDC-Library-bannerKia ora from the Otaki Public Library – Te Wharepukapuka o Otaki

FE16_LIB_Trust_No_oneTrust No One

By Paul Cleave

Jerry Grey is known to most of the world by his crime writing pseudo- nym, Henry Cutter. Recently diag- nosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at the age of forty-nine, Jerry’s crime writing days are coming to an end. His books tell stories of brutal murders committed by bad men, of a world out of balance, of victims nding the darkest forms of justice. As his dementia begins to break down the wall between his life and the lives of his characters, Jerry con- fesses his worst secret: the stories are real. He knows this because he committed the crimes. Those close to him, including the nurses at the care home where he now lives, insist that it is all in his head, that his memory is being toyed with and ma- nipulated by his unfortunate disease. But if that were true, then why are so many bad things happening? Why are people dying?

FE16_LIB_ReclaimReclaim That: Upcycling Your Home with Style

By Sarah Heeringa

Upcycling is the craft of reclaiming, remaking and rediscovering used items and giving them a new lease of life. A current and popular trend, it taps into people’s desire to be creative and surround themselves with beautiful things, to embellish their homes and surroundings with their own DIY efforts. Heeringa has a flair for the art of homemaking and she presents double-page spreads of inspirational interiors, together with practical step-by-step projects, to suit all ranges of skill, from a small recycled kitchen jar to furniture makeovers, lighting solutions and paint techniques. There are practical tips and hints to get started, with creative ideas for halls, lounges, bedrooms, kitchens, dining and bathrooms and even the garden.

FE16_Lib_Origami_JewelryLafosse & Alexander’s Origami Jewelry

In this new paper craft book from world renowned origami artists, Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander, discover how quick, fun and inexpensive it is to make durable and wearable DIY jewellery LaFosse 愦灭;amp; Alexander’s Origami Jewelry will show you how to create 3D designs to go with your hair, skin, and wardrobe by customizing the components to your own personal fashion. A full-colour easy-to-follow book, clear diagrams and accompanying DVD provide you with step-by-step instructions to create lovely pendants, medallions, charms, bracelets, necklaces and earrings in minutes.

FE16_Lib_American_BloodAmerican Blood

by Ben Sanders

After a botched undercover operation, ex-NYPD officer Marshall Grade is living in witness protection in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Marshall’s instructions are to keep a low profile: the mob wants him dead, and a contract killer known as the Dallas Man has been hired to track him down. Racked with guilt over wrongs committed during his undercover work, and seeking atonement, Marshall investigates the disappearance of a local woman named Alyce Ray. Members of a drug ring seem to hold clues to Ray’s whereabouts, but hunting traffickers is no quiet task. Word of Marshall’s efforts spreads, and soon the worst elements of his former life, including the Dallas Man, are coming for him.