Otaki Historical Society, Christmas 2015

F_R_OtakiHistoricalSocietyThe final meeting of the year was very well attended.

The 2015 Ōtaki Historical Journal was launched by the editor, Ian Carson and two of the contributors spoke.

Judi Yung talked about local Chinese women, whose stories had not been easy to find. She had spoken mainly to the sons of these women, who had left their family networks to join their husbands in New Zealand and were often faceless and forgotten. Judi described these women as “nurturing, soft but strong”.

Annie Bythell had written about Ōtaki people of the 1940s and 1950s. She had previously written poetry — fictional work — and now wanted to continue what was to her a new kind of writing. She felt that collecting stories was very important.

The meeting concluded with a Christmas supper.