Otaki Community Board June 2015

F_R_Otaki-community-boardPublic Speaking Time & Responses

Duane Watt spoke to the OCB of the delay in getting a response from KCDC on his submission for the future use of the Otaki iSite, noting he had offered to “carry on” with the information centre. He believes the town needs a contact point. Board member, Rob Kofoed told Mr Watt while council was working through the applications, members can’t say much even though he could see a lot of potential for the site.

Georgia Hapeta spoke in support of Mr Watt’s iSite proposition and his support of groups in Otaki. “He’s trying to keep our town alive.” Mr Cootes noted he was on the working party looking at the future of the heritage listed building and its role in the future. The issue is included in the KCDC Long Term Plan and workshops would be held at a later date.

Grants Applications

Community Grants Fund

Otaki Probus Club was approved $500 towards costs of bus hire to take members to Wellington to see both the WWI Anzac exhibitions: the Sir Peter Jackson display at the former Dominion Museum and the Anzac exhibition at Te Papa. Probus member Peter Standen spoke to the application.

Christine Lenk was approved $400 towards costs of running a six week course of gentle exercise, self-management of stress and health for people with cancer and their supporters. Ms Lenk spoke to the application noting the Cancer Society no longer funds this course.

The Morris Enthusiasts Car Club was approved $140 to assist with costs of installing a pre-pay electricity metre at the Haruatai Park Club Rooms. As they only use one kilowatt of power, at 27 cents, plus standard line charges, this would reduce the cost of their monthly electricity account.

Yvonne De Mille, Otaki artist and kite maker, was approved $500 towards purchase of materials to complete an installation of art kites commemorating World War I, at the National Library, Wellington. She hopes to bring the installation back to Otaki for display. Ms De Mille spoke to her application.

Discover Kapiti Heritage Group was granted $500 towards cost of a “curation and digitization” compilation of a 50–60 minute film show of Kapiti’s history from films of the 1921 to the present day, to be shown throughout Kapiti region. Chairman, Alan Carley spoke to the application.

Horse Sense Charitable Trust was declined a grant on its current application for funds to purchase an accounting system. Mr Cootes told spokesperson Jennifer Gibbons, the Board couldn’t accept the application as it stood, but could look at a future application to help people attend the courses run by the Trust. Horse Sense uses horses to work with people with emotional problems.

Sporting Activity Grants

Patrick Joss, a New Zealand national tennis title holder, was granted $500 to assist with costs of tennis development tour to Brisbane, for training and game time against different people and on different court surfaces. He spoke of some of his experiences since his last tour.

Eva Saunders was not at the meeting and her funding application was not heard. All applicants are expected to speak to the Board and answer any questions the Board may have.

This was the final funding round for the 2014/15 financial year. Grants totalling $23,500 have been approved during the last 12 months.

Otaki iSite Transition Project Update

Rob Mcintyre and Jennie Gutry from Destination Planning Ltd, gave a round-up of the present iSite – costs – it is costing $10.60 for every inquiry at the office and 50 per cent of these were from local Otaki people; one of the reasons given for closing the current iSite.

“If I went into the iSite as it is now, I wouldn’t know there was a skate park and kid’s bike track here, or a great look-out at the river mouth, or Rangiatea Church,” he said. “People wouldn’t know (these things) if they walked into the iSite.”

He noted the kid’s cycle track is the only one in Kapiti. The presenters had worked with the coordinator of the Sunny Otaki facebook page, for much of their information.

Chairman’s and Board Members Business and Activities

Mr Cootes reported he had been attending the KCDC Long Term Plan hearings. Sixty one per cent of people who submitted their views of the proposed splash pad at the Haruatai swimming pool were in favour of the installation. There would be no additional charge (other than pool entry) for using the splash pad. He had attended the Save the Capital Connection meeting, noting it was well attended with approximately 120 present.

He noted the Super City amalgamation proposal was now a non-event, with the proposal being withdrawn as a majority of people in the region were against it, although Mr Cootes said there was some room for change.

Following concerns reported by a local person re the state of Otaki’s public toilets, board members had a “tour” of all the public toilet facilities from the beach to the highway, their conclusion – a majority of the facilities were very good, the ones near the iSite were the worst but also the most used!

Councillor Penny Gaylor spoke about attending a workshop by Disability Services and their work with people with disabilities. Ms Gaylor reported feeling very vulnerable when confined to a wheelchair during a role play session.

Board member Chris Papps reported on her attendance at the Community Board Conference. A strong point was meeting and talking with people from other community boards; “most beneficial”.

Rob Kofoed reported on the Friends of the Otaki River Arbour Day planting session with Otaki College students who had potted 1000 seedlings last year, which they had now planted out. Westpac Bank has given $5,000 to the cost of purchasing seedlings and potting bags and mix.

Matters Under Action

Request for a pedestrian crossing at Otaki Beach: more justification is needed, although the presence of the rest home residents and fast cars along Marine Parade were not a good combination. Suggestions of a pedestrian refuge opposite the rest home and traffic calming infrastructure could be used. Improved beach access is also “wanted”.

Main Street footpath: the trial of sealing the pavers was not successful and council staff is looking at replacing some of the pavers.

The Board members discussed the distribution of the remaining grants funds: decision was made to dedicate the wooden seat by the Memorial Hall to Kevin Crombie, who died earlier this year, and a plaque would be made and installed on the seat. The balance of funds would go to providing swimming lessons for Otaki children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend classes.