Otaki Community Board February 2016

F_R_Otaki-community-boardPublic Speaking and Responses:

Ōtaki Athletics Club’s Barbara Johns reported back to the Ōtaki Community Board on the recent successes of members competing at the Colgate Games. She thanked the Board for the Sporting Activities Grant of $500 to assist with equipment storage costs. The Club currently had 110 members.

District wide councillor, K Gurunathan, spoke of the limited rental housing available and the need for income related rentals and social housing, stating there was nothing in the district Long Term Plan submissions re social housing. ŌCB chair, James Cootes responded that submissions had closed on January 29 but he would see if the Board could add to their submission. Board member, Rob Kofoed, noted that the need for housing, especially for the elderly was discussed from time to time at the Ōtaki Community Network Forum.

Mr Gurunathan also asked as to why there was not opportunity for a community consultation for a requested liquor license for a proposed bottle store on the Main Highway, which was later declined by KCDC.

Mr Cootes stated he took responsibility for the lack of consultation; the Board was not planning on making a submission, although 18 public submissions were made.

Grant Application: Tama Potiki

Tama Potiki was granted $500 Community Grants Fund to attend a Sir Peter Blake Foundation expedition to the sub Antarctic Auckland Islands to study environmental and conservation in the area. The 14 students from around New Zealand travelled on board the Royal New Zealand Navy ship Otago. While the SPBF Trust pays for the trip all participants are expected to raise $1000 for the Trust as “a measure of goodwill”. The application was spoken to by Eldon Potaka.

Other work

State Highway renaming

KCDC are working with NZTA through the formal process for changes to “ownership” and renaming of State Highway 1 to a local road, following completion of the New Zealand Transport Agency’s Expressway. KCDC will take “ownership” of SH1, initially the McKays to Peka Peka section and later the Peka Peka to Ōtaki section which is scheduled for completion in 2020, taking on responsibility for operation and maintenance of the road. Currently the section from the Ōtaki River Bridge to the Waitohu Bridge is listed as Main Road. The main highway/SH1 designation will be revoked when the expressway is completed. KCDC is working with NZTA on possible names, checking for possible historical names and there will be a period of consultation and communications with affected property owners. NZTA will cover costs.

Te Horo Beach Road one way bridges

The eastern bridge, near the former chicken farm, is to have the direction priority changed, giving traffic from the beach right-of-way over the one way bridge, the bridge at the Pukenamu Road intersection will remain with traffic from the beach end giving way to east bound traffic. Mr Cootes expressed his concern at the differing directions for give way traffic, KCDC traffic Engineer, Gary Adams said the change was necessary as westbound traffic’s view ahead was obscured by vegetation and plantings on private property.

Kirk Street traffic calming

Recent work installing a pedestrian island and give way signs at the west end of Kirk Street have proved successful with no further accidents and slowed traffic at the intersection, following complaints by an Aotaki Street resident who had had two incidents of vehicles through his front fence. He is pleased with the results.

Bus Shelters

The bus shelter, currently sited a Te Horo Beach Road, is still to be resited and installed outside Sander Apparel’s building, opposite the Ōtaki Library, although the concrete pad has been poured. Greater Wellington Regional Council is still looking at routes and bus shelters in Ōtaki.

Tasman Road-Marine Parade

Improvements are still a work in progress.

Waitohu Valley Road

Meeting between residents and the quarry operators has reached agreement that laden trucks will travel via Waitohu Valley Road to the Highway and returning empty trucks will travel via Rahui and Ringawhati Roads. Agreement was also made that laden trucks would not go past the back entrance to Waitohu School before and after school, approximately 8.40-9am and 3-3.15pm when children are arriving and leaving school.

Update Ōtaki Forks road closure

The massive slip at Blue Bluff which closed access to Ōtaki Forks and the Tararua’s is still moving and KCDC is not yet able to give any indication of when or what remedial work will begin. Tony Martin, acting Group Manager Infrastructure Services, told the ŌCB, engineer geologists had reported significant movement in the slip “over the previous two to three weeks (January 11–31)” and a bulge developing in the rock face on the slip near road level. He showed Board members recent photographs of deep cracks in land above the main slip and spoke of where they were at and hopes for the near future for some access to the Tararuas. See separate story.

Members’ Business

Mr Cootes noted members had completed their Long Term Annual Plan submission. There had been no response from the Government re Ultra Fast Broadband for Ōtaki.

The Christmas Day Community Dinner went well, 38 of the 50 registered turned. “A very good event for all present,” he said.

Chris Papps had attended meetings of Greater Wellington Regional Council with Mr Cootes and the Ōtaki Promotion Group. The group are hoping for funding from KCDC Events Fund to assist with the annual Ōtaki Kite Festival.

Mr Kofoed had already spoken to the issue of heavy laden trucks on Waitohu Valley Road; he noted the Ōtaki Foodbank had distributed 126 food parcels over December-January, plus extra special Christmas parcels. Kapiti Youth Services had recently been offered two vacant houses which have been moved onto their property in Paraparaumu.

Councillor Penny Gaylor noted following the withdrawal of a funding application by the Wings and Things event organisers, which is now not happening, the availability of funds were to come to Ōtaki events the Ōtaki Kite Festival and the Maoriland Film Festival.

Matters Under Action

Following reports and concerns re cyclists activating the traffic control buttons “claiming the lane” with south bound cyclists riding across the bridge in front of traffic and northbound activating the traffic control but riding along the footpath at Ōtaki River Bridge, a request for KCDC’s Sean Mallon, Infrastructure Services manager to attend the next ŌCB meeting.

The meeting closed at 8.34pm.