Otaki Community Board Christmas 2015

Community Board Chair, JAMES COOTES  364 3234 | 0274 572 346 | james.cootes@kapiti.govt.nz
Community Board Chair, JAMES COOTES 364 3234 | 0274 572 346 | james.cootes@kapiti.govt.nz

Chair, James Cootes welcomed all present for the final meeting of the year and gave an outline of community issues and other matters they had covered and achieved during the year.

Grant Applications

All applications for funds received the full $500 applied for.

Community Grants

Meadows New Life Church: Stacey Nikora spoke to their application to assist with the costs of organising the Ōtaki Community Christmas Lunch, the Christmas Day lunch for people on their own, to be held in the memorial Hall.

Radio 88.1 Ōtaki, spokesman, Graham Fox told the Board the radio station was being relaunched as local radio and he is organising a talent quest for musicians and singers among Ōtaki people. It will run in three age groups children 12 and under, teens 13-19 years and adults 20+. Auditions will be held during January, each videoed and viewable on YouTube for public vote, with a finals public concert in late January early February.

Ōtaki Children’s Health Camp Research: This project is supported by the Ōtaki Historical Society, Di Buchan said as she spoke to the application. Four people are working on, mainly, face-to-face interviews with people who lived or worked at the Ōtaki Children’s Health Camp since the 1930’s. To date she has been contacted by people from Tauranga to Dunedin who have agreed to be interviewed, including one 90 year old in Palmerston North. The furthest away known former health camp associate lives in London and will be visiting Ōtaki in January; the furthest south lives in Dunedin.

When completed, a printed bound copy will be held by the ŌHS and one at the Ōtaki Library. Board member, Colin Pearce commented there had never been a ‘students” reunion.

Kapiti Harness Racing Club: President, Mary Colman spoke to the application to assist with the free children’s entertainment and activities during the InterIslander Summer Racing family day at Ōtaki Race Course on January 17. The event includes the popular Kids Go Racing from Cambridge with the miniature horses and cart rides for the children.

Sporting Activity Grants

Ngahuia Henare applied for funds to assist with costs to attend a NZ Elite Women’s waka ama training camps in Gisborne, towards selection of the NZ women’s team. She has coached waka ama teams in Ōtaki for a number of years, with success.

Ngati Raukawa Open Mixed Touch Team: A club spokesman noted the team had won the national tournament title for the last four years, with a number of players selected for the NZ Maori Touch Team. The funds would assist with registration and accommodation costs of those attending.

Ariana Ransom: applied for funds to assist with attending the NZ National waka ama championships and also to attend the NZ under 19 women’s waka ama training camp in Gisborne.

Building and Resource Consents Fund

Parkinson Society Kapiti/Horowhenua: Kevin Myles spoke to the application saying the funds would assist in rent payments for the Waikanae office. There is a part-time nurse employed specifically for the Parkinson’s patients and families in Ōtaki. There are usually about a dozen patients here.

Ōtaki Community Centre: Myrtle Buckley spoke to the application for funds to assist with cost of renting a room at the House of Hope for a recovery centre to assist people after the official medical care is completed eg stroke patients. She agreed to get a letter from the Ōtaki Medical Centre approving the recovery centre.


Mr Cootes explained to the public gallery that all applications had been discussed at a separate meeting prior to the main Board meeting, where amounts were finalised. He also commented that it was the first time there had been no community issues raised.

A resident near the Kirk and Aotaki streets’ intersection said the new light at the end of Kirk Street and the centre island was “great work”. Mr Cootes encouraged people to contact any Board member or KCDC on any issues — footpaths, pot holes, etc “don’t wait six weeks for the next (Board) meeting.”

Chairman’s and Member’s activities

Mr Cootes noted among his activities and meetings since the previous meeting, included inquiries re a footpath along Riverbank Road industrial area, a meeting with Greenwood Boulevard flood victims, attendance at the MidCentral Health Board meeting held in Ōtaki, attendance at the Greater Wellington Regional Council meeting with councillor Penny Gaylor and Board member Christine Papps – “nothing earth shattering” arose. New liquor outlet at the railway submissions — a new business not a transfer; completion of the walkway, cycle way and bridle path north end sections, southbound cycle lane at Ōtaki River bridge — danger for cyclists especially tourists passing through, — Mr Kofoed offered to get his engineer to look at and cost a clip-on, KCDC senior manager Stephen McArthur suggested he aim at the NZTA who owns the bridge and for them to review the safety of the cycle lane. Attendance at the Community Board Chairs’ Workshop — Kapiti’s Boards are “way ahead of other boards in relationships with council, a seat at the table for council meetings and access to staff — we’re afforded opportunities other boards aren’t.” Dog exercise site.

Board Members

Mr Kofoed noted thanks from the Ōtaki Foodbank for grant received, issue with funding following withdrawal of Pub Charity gaming machines from Ōtaki, attended Civil Defence meeting, issues with heavy laden trucks from the quarry using Rahui Road.

Mr Pearce requested an assurance weed spraying and regular emptying of rubbish bins over the holiday period.

Christine Papps noted general issues for Ōtaki with the Emergency Response team,

Ms Gaylor noted considerations for the Ōtaki St John Health Shuttle to apply to MidCentral Health for funding. As the KCDC representative to the GW council she co-chairs the waste management committee.

General Business

Discussion on criteria for grants approval: Mr McArthur noted non-availability of funds for capital expenditure, Mr Cootes said this was at the Board’s discretion and suggested the removal of capital expenditure and restrictions from the ineligible purposes.

Mr Pearce said he was against the move to which Mr Cootes stated the Board would still have discretion over approving or not.

Draft Annual meetings calendar: January to September 2015 was approved.

Annual Plan 2016/17 discussion held over.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm.