Otaki Community Board

F_R_Otaki-community-boardPublic Speaking and Response:

Basketball court Otaki Beach resident Ann Lawler, spoke to the Board about her concerns that the young people from the beach area had asked for a basketball court last September and there had been no “sign of it yet or even put in the Long Term Plan.

Crossing on Marine Parade A further request was for pedestrian crossings, particularly on Marine Parade and Tasman Road near the diary. Residents at Ocean View have difficulty crossing Marine Parade and access to the beach. She noted there are no legal places where vehicles must stop for pedestrians.Gail McBride also spoke to the need for a pedestrian crossing on Marine Parade for the Ocean View residents, also access to the beach and seats on the beach as they can’t see over the sand dunes from the current ones.

Stephen McArthur, Kapiti District Council Senior manager responded to beach access concern saying there were some difficulties over land ownership. Chairman, James Cootes said the upgrading of the toilets in the pavilion were high on the beach improvements list and that all facilities should be all age suitable. The need for pedestrian crossings was recognised and council staff was working with Mr Pearce. Councillor Penny Gaylor requested the crossings be put on the matters under action file.

“It’s not what I want or what you want but what the kids want,” Mr Cootes said of the basketball court.

Grant applications

Board members met prior to the meeting to discuss all funding applications; all the requested grants of $500 were approved. From the Community Grants Fund:

  • The Kapiti Concert Orchestra to assist with costs to bring the orchestra to Otaki;
  • Waikanae Performing Art Society to help dancers attend a British Theatre Dance Competition in Auckland;
  • Otaki Toy Library for a rent subsidy for the toy library room at the Memorial Hall;
  • The Cancer Society to help with the cost of hall hire for a monthly get together for cancer patients.

From the Sporting Activities Fund:

  • Te Awa Morris requested funds to assist with costs as a member of the Touch New Zealand Under 17 Boys team to play in Australia.

A further application for a six week course in stress management, support and exercise for people with cancer, was held over to the next meeting. Individuals or a representative from each organisation were in attendance.

Transpower Presentation

Transpower is the owner of the national grid and operates the transmission lines; local suppliers purchase from Transpower. John Makin spoke of the current work being done throughout Kapiti and Horowhenua, with moving transmission lines and pylons through Transmission Gully, alterations to the lines through Valley Road, creating a new hub in Paraparaumu, and new office in Miro Street Otaki, a replacement project for the main Bunnythorpe to Haywards A and B conductors which were originally installed in the 1950’s.

The maintenance programme is concentrated in Levin–Otaki in 2015/16, Otaki–Waikanae 2017/18.

Investigation for underground cables showed they are too expensive. Community benefits: the Community Care Fund of $636,000 for community projects — $40,000 has been used for Kapiti projects to date and the Greenline Environment fund is $150,000 per year for Kapiti and Horowhenua projects and is a partnership with councils — The Otaki Community Board can apply for funds. Mr Cootes reminded Mr Makin “Our community likes to be (kept) informed.”

Chairman’s Business

Mr Cootes spoke of KCDC’s Long Term Plan (LTP) workshops commenting that in his personal opinion they had been a great success; the variety of dates and venues were appreciated and good numbers attended. The draft LTP submission was signed off. Main issues were public transport including the Capital Connection and the upgrade of the Haruatai Pool.

Local issues

Trail bikes and motor bikes on the beach continue to be a problem — the solution lies with enforcement of the by-law by the Police and only bollards to restrict access is insufficient. There was a recent incident when an 86 year old woman’s dog was run over by a trail bike rider while she was taking it for a walk. Police are involved in the case. Also protection of the beach dunes is essential.

Ultrafast broadband internet connectivity is “well in hand” he reported after a meeting with MP Nathan Guy.

A new committee has been formed by the Friends of Te Horo Beach, who are keen to put in a submission to the LTP.

General Business

Beach pavilion toilets: it was suggested Mr Cootes takes photographs illustrate the state of the toilets when he speaks to the OCB submission. The submission was approved and signed off.

Mr Pearce spoke of the need for urgent maintenance of the Waitohu Stream banks under the Ringawhati/Waitohu Valley Road to prevent a washout.

Matters under action

The trial sealing of the Main Street pavers outside the take-away shops was unsuccessful, council would continue with quarterly steam cleaning. Mr Cootes said he believed the Board had done “everything” it could with the sealing options, but would look at possible replacement of the concrete pavers.

The beach development project has spent a small amount of the allocated $10,000 budget. One question asked was could the money be used for the toilet upgrade. The “expectations” of beach residents would have to be considered before it was used.

The meeting closed at 8.58pm, a new early record for the Board!

Margaret Andrews