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F_R_Otaki-community-boardPublic Speaking

Otaki Beach resident, Ann Lawler, spoke to several issues about provision of equipment and upgrading facilities at the beach, particularly land for the basketball court – whether it would be a full court of half court, upgrading the barbecues, more shade areas on the grassed area beside the surf club, provision of seating and shade at the skate park, increasing cost of the proposed splash pad at Haruatai Pool, and a query re council’s Long Term Plan workshops.

Chairman, James Cootes, there would be three workshops in Otaki all from 7-8pm, at Taaringaroa 25th March, Otaki College April 1 and at the surf club April 8. Noting also beach barbecues and shade areas are in the Annual Plan and will be considered as part of the Beach Development Plan. The splashpad will be done alongside the Haruatai Pool revamp. In respect to the skate park seating there were a couple of seats “owed” to Otaki and these would be installed there.

Mr Cootes noted the Board sent a submission to the proposed Wellington region amalgamation, against amalgamation and for status quo – an elected council and four community boards.

Grants Applications

There were four applications for funds from the Community Grants and two from the Sporting Activities Fund. Applications had been discussed by the Board prior to the meeting.

Maoriland Film Festival was approved $500 for costs of powhiri at Raukawa Marae for visiting national and international film makers.

Save the Capital Connection, spoken to by Marama Takao, was granted $500 for costs associated with saving the train.

The Loved4Life group was granted $500 to purchase fabrics and knitting wool and assist with food costs for a family meal. Loved4Life makes baby quilts for every new baby born to local families and provide a meal for the family.

The Kapiti Coast Quilters Guild was approved $500 to assist with publicity costs for their upcoming exhibition.

With two applications for sporting activities, the Board approved transferring $1480 to the fund from the Building and Resource Consent Fund to cover a shortfall in the Sporting Activities fund.

Matthew Braddock was granted $500 to assist with travel and costs to travel with the Capital Football Under13 representative team, attending the New Zealand/ Australia tournament in Sydney. Otaki College waka ama girls’ teams were granted $500 to assist with costs for two teams to attend the NZ Secondary Schools National Waka Ama championships in Rotorua. All applications were spoken to by the applicant or a representative.

Chairman and Board members Business

Community Board Chair, JAMES COOTES 364 3234 | 0274 572 346 | james.cootes@kapiti.govt.nz
Community Board Chair, JAMES COOTES
364 3234 | 0274 572 346 | james.cootes@kapiti.govt.nz

Mr Cootes reported the Otaki entrance sign design is “very close to finish”; issues for youth employment and the Otaki bus route proposal from Board member Colin Pearce has been sent to Greater Wellington. An enquiry re the use of council land for “personal gain”, during the kite festival will be checked. More direction signs to the parking area behind the museum were requested.

Mr Cootes recommended that members use the service request on the KCDC website or go to the Otaki service centre. Other issues were covered during Public Speaking.

COLIN PEARCE 364 6488 | colin.pearce@kapiti.govt.nz
364 6488 | colin.pearce@kapiti.govt.nz

Mr Pearce reported on the installation of fitness equipment in the children’s play area at Haruatai Park; more equipment was to be installed at the Tasman Road Park during the upgrading of some equipment. He suggested the items being replaced could be sent to Pacific Solomon Islands, Timor or others, with the Defence Department carrying them; He reported concerns from the Otaki Historical Society about maintenance of the rotunda, an historic registered building, at the children’s health camp and who is responsible for the maintenance?

He requested the Board give consideration to using part of the $10,000 Beach Development Fund to refurbish the women’s toilets in the pavilion and a further request for a “speed-up” of the consultation process, rather than waiting for a year or two. Mr Cootes said he wanted the beach development to be an OCB and community effort, using people from the community to do the work with council support and not doing all the work.

ROB KOFOED 364 6154 | 0275 364 614 | rob.kofoed@kapiti.govt.nz
364 6154 | 0275 364 614 | rob.kofoed@kapiti.govt.nz

Rob Kofoed reported on the start-up of medical facilities at Otaki College, a doctor and nurse will be available during the week; the work load is mounting for the Kapiti Youth Support Team; weeds have been sprayed and fallen trees at the former sanatorium have been removed with signs to the walkway will be installed by the end of March.

KCDC roading asset manager, Francis Norku. Footpath upgrade: noted works to be completed by June 30 2015: Waerenga Road north side between Bell Street and Main highway, Arthur Street from the highway to the carpark, extend the service lane — highway to Dunstan Street to Centennial Park, Mr Cootes suggested sealing should include extension to the public toilets. He also asked re a footpath along Riverbank Road, as there a large number of people using the road for walking. Stephen McArthur, Council department manager, suggested it was more appropriate in year three, “that’s industrial land and residential areas should be done first.”

Following discussion, the Board resolved to make a submission on the draft Long Term Plan and this will be considered at the next OCB meeting on April 21. They also formerly show support for youth submission to the Annual Plan.

By Margaret Andrews