Off The Road by Neil Angus

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abc-offtheroadimg_AP16“Travel life’s highways with some older men who are now just discovering that there’s more to life than an unhappy marriage.”

Being estranged takes on new meaning in a new book by local author Neil Angus. Life on the Kapiti Coast in a caravan park is the start of six men’s collective journeys to a new life as single men. ‘Yes’ they think, ‘There is life after wife.’

Meeting in a caravan park after recent estrangements, six men with nicknames reflecting their previous successful careers, all leaving different lives behind them, they have one thing in common. They were either kicked out the family home or they left to pursue a single life.

This humorous book recounts the adventures of Jet-a pilot, Gas — a dentist, Bob–a builder, Erg — an electrician, Tar — a sailor and Pie–an army chef.

We discover the reasons for their escape to live in a caravan by the coast. They tell their stories and find that their mix of skills makes their co-existence rewarding. The story is told with wit, recounting pranks, good old fashioned philosophy and ends up being a celebration of strangers uniting in adversity and finding out they enjoy themselves. Sea shanties and life lessons are all put together in this engaging book.

Author Neil Angus came from Wellington to live at Te Horo Beach. He first started writing poetry and short stories as a young marine engineer serving in the merchant navy. There were no computers back then, and he regrets that the hand-written material are now long lost. He says “I have had a lot of experiences and met many people from all walks of life during my sea travels and business activities. The urge to write has enabled me to cobble some of these adventures into storytelling.”

This is his first novel and he is now writing the sequel.

Published by Strategic Book Publishing. Available from @$33.85, price includes delivery to NZ postal address. Or at Otaki’s library.