Nobody Wants to Talk About This Stuff

JL16_Health-IncontinenceIt’s world continence week and the taboo subject of incontinence is now being discussed.

This year the focus is on the pelvic floor and is a women’s issue as it can be weaken during pregnancy and childbirth. More worryingly is its rising prevalence bought on by the campaigns for getting fit and keeping fit.

As the popularity of extreme exercise grows, so does the prevalence of pelvic floor damage but public awareness and knowledge among the fitness profession remain seriously insufficient.

As a response to the issue and in an effort to empower and inform women about pelvic floor health, Continence New Zealand has launched an educational awareness campaign. The campaign launches on June 20 to coincide with World Continence Week but will continue throughout the year, with workshops beginning in September which will see participating fitness trainers certified as ‘Pelvic Floor Safe’.

Experts have warned that high impact exercise such as boot camps, running downhill and using heavy weights can cause dysfunction such as prolapse or continence issues.

The campaign encourages all women to explore available information through the website or Facebook page or by calling the information line on 0800 650 659.

Fitness professionals will be encouraged to increase their own knowledge through the site and with resources such as Continence NZ’s booklet entitled ‘Promoting Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise’.

There is also a separate pamphlet for consumers and it is titled “Protect your pelvic floor and stay in control”.