MidCentral Health Charter

MR16_F_MidCentralHealth-Health-and-SafetyAt its recent meeting the board of MCDHB discussed a draft health charter — a document to guide all its decisions into the future.

Together with the community and providers, MCDHB have the resources to significantly improve the health and wellbeing of the most vulnerable, if we can find ways of working together. With scarce health dollars it is critical to find new ways if we want to do better.

A small number of the most vulnerable children cycle through health, welfare and education services each year without getting what they need to flourish.

And a small number of frail elderly repeat through emergency and the social services sectors each year without getting what they need to stay healthy and independent.

The strategic goals focus on experience, timely services, community based services and connected communities. The overriding aim is to continue what we do well and do everything better, to empower people to take control and live healthily and safely.

The Charter underpins trust, respect, courage and choice with a whole-of-system service, full open communication, compassion and trust, respecting the views of all and ensure a safe environment.

MCDHB wants to do better, with you and for you.