LYRIC PICTURES “The Wizard of Oz” TOMORROW (Thursday)

FE16_History-LyricRemember the Scarecrow? And the Tin Man? And little Dorothy? And the lion, and the wizard, and the cyclone, and all the other thrilling and found in the land of Oz? Well, they are all brought to life in the Chadwick Pictures Corporation screen version of the world’s most famous fantastic spectacle, L Frank Baum’s “Wizard of Oz” which is scheduled to be shown at the Lyric Theatre to-morrow…. The screen’s greatest eccentric comedian, Larry Semon, portrays the role of the “Scarecrow”…. A stellar cast which includes the names of such sterling screen favourites as Bryant Washburn, Charlie Murray, Virginia Pearson, Dorothy Dwan, Mary Carr…. Gorgeous settings, wonderful camera effects never before shown, and remarkable stunts together with rapid-fire action make this attraction one worth going a long way to see. The supporting programme consists of two comedies, a scenic and news.

[Note: this of course was a silent film]