Local author Tracey Savage collaborates on children’s book & CD

Dream Wonderland illustration by Darren Pryce
Dream Wonderland illustration by Darren Pryce

Based in Ōtaki Beach, Tracey Savage has just co-produced and released a children’s album.

Tracey spent many years in Wellington as a broadcaster and performer. After spending the last 12 years travelling she returned to New Zealand. As well as working on various children’s entertainment and education products she continues her work in the documentary field and her transcription business across Australia and NZ.

Mother to two-year-old Audrey, Tracey is managing the sales and marketing for Dream Wonderland. Tracey and her colleague Abigail Hatherley are two mums who have put the Dream Wonderland project together.

Dream Wonderland was created by Abigail for her young children. It is a magical world of soothing music and illustrations specifically crafted to help parents calm and settle their children before sleep time. It gives carers much-needed relief, reducing the daily anxiety and stress that arises from coping with tired children at this often challenging time of the day.

While initially crafted for babies and toddlers, its imaginative, calming music has also proved a relaxing influence on children up to 13 years of age. And parents too, can benefit from these meditative melodies so composer and creator Abigail Hatherley devised an imaginary world that children could travel to when they fell asleep — Dream Wonderland. “I also wanted to create something that was not only musically rich and restful, but that would also stimulate their imagination, their vocabulary and their understanding of the world around them.” She says. Studies show that bedtime routines including restful music can be beneficial for children. Listening to music from an early age activates neural pathways in the brain, inspiring creativity, while boosting intellectual and emotional abilities.

Initially the album started as a handful of songs that Abigail played in her home. But after seeing the calming results with her own children and their enjoyment of the music Abigail began sharing it with family and friends. “My friends with children were interested to hear about what I was creating, and once I had written the first few tracks I felt Dream Wonderland was ready for its first real test. All of them came back to me with such beautiful, positive stories of how they and their kids loved the music, and that their children were soothed to sleep.” Each song tells a story and all are linked into one continuous soundscape, so there are no pauses between tracks that can so easily bring a child back from the brink of a restful sleep. As the album progresses the songs become calmer and calmer until the final track, a 10-minute instrumental, leads them off to sleep; to their very own Dream Wonderland. A perfect solution to a restless child.

Whilst writing the album and working as a freelance music composer, Abigail met documentary maker Tracey Savage and introduced the album to her. A promising collaboration was born. “I heard this album and I knew I wanted it. Not only did I want it – I wanted to help Abigail get it out to the people who don’t know that they want it yet! In fact they NEED it,” Tracey says of the album. “It’s a must have for any discerning lover of the classics whether it’s grandparents who want to hear something soothing with their grandchildren, parents who want a family soundtrack for the home, car, before bedtime, during relaxation or time out.”

Find out more at www.dreamwonderland.com.au