Letter to the editor: knee replacement, Nov 2015

F_R_PN-HospitalDear Sir/Madam,

On the 3rd April this year I started the process, through the public health system, to have a damaged knee replaced.

To put it in a nutshell the entire process, from initial diagnosis, pre-op seminars, the surgery itself, carried out on the 10th September and the follow-up checks and consultations and physiotherapy classes at Levin health centre has gone very smoothly and within a very reasonable time frame. I must also praise the personnel involved. They were from the surgeon all the way down to the man who took the meal orders professional in every way.

I can only speak from personal experience BUT if that’s our public health system, in Mid Central at least they are to be congratulated.

Yours Faithfully,
Roger Tidman
Waitohu Valley Road, Otaki