Going the distance for elderly tenants

Housing New Zealand have teamed up with the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) to make it easier for Ōtaki tenants to get any concerns addressed.

“Some of Ōtaki tenants, particularly our elderly ones prefer to talk to us face to face. However, many of them don’t have transport to get to our Porirua Office,” says Tenancy Manager Naomi Finau.

“We wanted to make sure any tenants with concerns about their tenancies have easy access to us.”

“So we asked local agencies if they had any office space for us to work out of and the Ōtaki CAB were kind enough to put their hands up.”

“Basically, the easier we make it for our tenants to talk to us the quicker we can address any issues. With winter coming up it’s now the time for tenants to raise any issues with us so we can get them fixed and keep them healthy and warm.”

“For instance — we recently had a tenant who’s heater had stopped working but they didn’t think it was worth raising it with us immediately. We want to know about these things — big or small as soon as possible so we can fix them.”

Fortnightly, from Friday March 11 a Housing New Zealand Tenancy Manager will travel to Ōtaki and operate out of the Citizens Advice Bureau at 65 A Main Street between 10 am and 3pm for tenants to come and talk to her. They will trial using the office for a few months and if tenants use it enough, will look at extending it.