Garden tasks for November 2015

Flower garden

  • F_NO15_garden-hibiscus.jpg
    Mulch your perennials, trees and shrubs with compost, bark or peat to conserve soil moisture.
  • Pick off rhododendron seed pods if the weather is dry.
  • All chrysanthemums and dahlias can now be planted — stake existing plants.
  • Tie up herbaceous perennials.
  • Plant pond plants, including water lilies.
  • Liquid feed all flowering annuals and perennials.
  • Feed flowering shrubs with a side dressing of general fertiliser.
  • Prune flowering shrubs as soon as blooming is over — lilacs, philadelphus, shrubby spireas and deutzias.
  • Continue planting new roses using plenty of compost.
  • Plant hibiscus plants for a tropical look in your garden.
  • Prune back excess shoots on wisteria after flowering.
  • Keep sweet peas and roses well watered. Feed with liquid manure and remove faded flowers.
  • Sow seeds of flowering annuals directly into the ground: alyssum, Californian poppy, marigolds, cosmos, nasturtium, poppy and sunflowers.
  • Sow in trays for transplanting later: carnations, dahlia, livingstone daisy, petunia, salvia, gerberas, celosia, phlox and geranium.
  • Plant summer flowering annual seedlings: cosmos, petunias, lobelia, impatiens, marigolds, phlox, verbena, larkspur, alyssum, portulaca — and many more.

Fruit and vegetable garden

  • Plant a crop of seed potatoes into your garden or in a large tub or planter bag.
  • All vegetables will benefit from a side dressing of blood and bone or general garden fertiliser.
  • Tomatoes are growing rapidly — they’ll need regular deep watering and lots of feeding.
  • Don’t forget to grow basil beside your plants – it will improve their flavour.
  • Dust cabbages and cauliflowers with derris dust to prevent white butterfly caterpillar.
  • Now’s the time to plant out your favourite summer veges, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, lettuce, sweet corn, spring onions, watermelon and celery.
  • Sow seeds directly into the garden: pumpkin, courgettes, parsnip, radish and sweet corn.
  • Sow in trays for transplanting later: lettuce, cabbage, capsicum, eggplant, leeks and spring onions — for continuous harvesting sow at two to three weekly intervals.
  • Hang codlin moth traps in apple trees to trap moths and prevent larvae entering fruit.
  • Feed your citrus with citrus fertiliser, and all other fruit trees with general fertiliser.
  • Lightly prune passionfruit.


  • For a lush green lawn apply lawn fertiliser when rain is due or water in with a sprinkler.
  • To maintain a lawn in dry weather, water with a sprinkler and don’t cut too short.

Second thoughts

  • Divide and re-pot cymbidium orchids.
  • Hoe and hand weed as often as possible — weed control is essential in November.