Furry friends welcome at Enliven homes

FE16_ReevedonEllenLeFrentzIt’s not just people who live in Enliven’s rest homes.

Enliven, which operates Levin’s Reevedon Home and Village and Levin Home for War Veterans welcome pets to their homes, both to visit and to live.

Reevedon resident and animal lover, Sylvia Oliver, has lived at Reevedon Home for five years and says having animals around always brightens her day.

“It’s lovely having cats strolling about. My bed gets taken over by them sometimes — they moved in as kittens and they’ve gradually made themselves at home,” says Sylvia.
Reevedon Home resident Barbara Tivalu says Reevedon has its own pet group for residents who want to be part of the decision making process around animal interaction at the home. The group works with staff to decide which animals can move in, and plan animal related projects and activities.

“I joined the pet group because I love animals. We get together and talk about ideas, like taking trips to reserves and doing up the outside fish pond.”

Barbara says it’s nice to live at a home that welcomes animals and she enjoys caring for them.

“I get up in the morning and feed the cats that live here, Squirrel, Suzie and Buttons. I enjoy looking after them,” says Barbara.

Reevedon Home recreation officer Davina Rawiri says having pets living and visiting the home is part of Enliven’s model of care, the Eden Alternative.

“Eden is about creating a home where everyday life revolves around close and continuing contact with people, plants and animals,” Davina explains.

FE16_F_ReevedonEllenLeFrentz“Pet therapy is very real — patting a cat or dog can help to lower blood pressure, and it always seems to put a smile on people’s faces. Plus it gives residents companionship and something they can look after and nurture.”

Enliven’s Reevedon Home and neighbouring Reevedon Retirement Village, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, provide rest home care and independent retirement living in the heart of Levin.

Reevedon’s sister-site, Enliven’s Levin Home for War Veterans, provides hospital, dementia and rest home care.

Reevedon Home is always on the lookout for volunteers to visit the home with their pets, or to volunteer their time in other ways. To express your interest in becoming a volunteer at Reevedon Home email support@psc.org.nz or free call 0508 TO HELP.

To find out more about Reevedon Home, Reevedon Retirement Village or Levin Home for War Veterans, free call 0508 36 54 83 (That’s 0508 ENLIVEN) or visit www.enlivencentral.org.nz.