Christmas Editorial

OM-logo-wideAnn and Lloyd Chapman

We have come to the end of our second year as the editors of your Ōtaki Mail.

We have tried to tell Ōtaki stories for Ōtaki. We tell good news about our people and we have given opportunities to individuals and groups to have their say. We have encouraged people who live and work in Ōtaki to contribute their views to the community with their own columns. We are only as good as the information we receive. We try not to be tellers of bad news. There is too much positive in our comment to be harbingers of doom and gloom.

We aim to celebrate the diversity of our community.

We hope we have achieved that goal.

While we may not always agree with everything in these columns, we believe it is in the interests of the community to allow freedom of expression in publishing diverse views. There are not many avenues to do this and it is an important principle in a democracy for everyone to have a voice. The Ōtaki Mail is your voice. We welcome the opportunity to publish your views and to receive letters in reply.

Meanwhile have a safe and happy Christmas and holiday season. We will be back at the end of January with more news and events from Sunny Ōtaki

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the success of the Ōtaki Mail, in particular:

  • Energise Otaki
  • Penny Kerr-Hislop
  • Greg Potts
  • Hanna Wagner-Nicholls
  • James Cootes
  • Margaret Andrews
  • Vivienne Bailey
  • Michael Ludlam
  • Miriam Richardson
  • Penny Gaylor
  • Roger Booth
  • Tania Hakaraia
  • Tom Frewen
  • Transition Town Otaki
  • Valdis Plato
  • Vyv Starbuck-Maffey