Celebrate Christmas with colourful fruit and vegetables

XS15_Christmas-Salads.jpgAs families gather to celebrate the festive season, the variety of fruit and vegetables available now makes it easy to create tasty and heart-healthy meals.

Busy schedules at this time of the year means eating healthy food is even more important to help fight fatigue and to boost energy.

Sue Pollard, CEO of the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation, says summer’s seasonal produce is full of vitamins and nutrients essential for good health and well-being.

“Colour is key when it comes to eating fresh fruit and vegetables,” she says. “Fill your plate with colours and you will get a great hit of micronutrients and vitamins to help you stay well and healthy. Berries are great to snack on while vegetables like tomatoes, courgettes and asparagus make delicious salads and side dishes.”

Get into the festive spirit with these fresh seasonal treats like strawberries, cherries, asparagus, new potatoes, peas and beans. Look at the lusciousness of the purple aubergine, plum red tomatoes and bright green lettuce. And also treat yourself to a chocolate afterwards.