Activities from the MenzShed in 2015

R_Se14_Menzshed658 Community hours ! How good was that?

From big jobs like the 120 white crosses for the RSA to sharpening a pair of scissors for a lady pensioner.

We do what we can to be helpful. If we can’t help we will advise who could, we don’t do electrical or plumbing. Work like this is a specialist trade area. We do advise how some problems could be solved economically.

More than half of the 658 hours were free, a koha is our usual form of reward. Thank you for the generosity in 2015.

So what’s coming up in 2016 ? We have to finish off installing the Dust Extractor System that was donated by the Ōtaki District Commercial Gardeners Charitable Trust. Thank you Tyrone Gow and Philip Sue.

There is still a backlog of jobs from last year to clean up as well as about three tons of Olive prunings from ‘ Kapiti Olives’ to cut up and stack for next winter. Plus of course tidying up and creating extensions to the workshop.

Hot news…..

Four wise men? Valdis Plato, Ski Lewandoski, Bill Pearl, Bruce must be joking
Four wise men? Valdis Plato, Ski Lewandoski, Bill Pearl, Bruce Heather…you must be joking

Ōtaki will have a Play Me Street Piano just like London, New York, Paris and many other Cities !

The College Art School painted ours with the theme of ‘Sunny Ōtaki’. We are now looking for a home for it to sleep nights after it’s been out in the street playing music. Somewhere near the old Edhouses shop would be ideal.

Ring me (Valdis) on 364 5636 if you have an idea . The piano is on wheels so it can be put to bed easily.

Google Play Me Street Piano to see what the rest of the world is doing with their Pianos. It’s a WOW.

The Menzshed is open 10 to 4 Tuesday and Thursday, pop in for a cuppa and a chat or ring Valdis for joining info.